The Scavenger in Garbage Polluted Shore
After I took this shoot, the woman with her bike went to the small waste dump near the shore to collect recycable materials, which I assume will be later sold to a junk shop. This is another example of how some people devalue nature. Even with the beauty of this shore, they don’t seem to mind destroying it by disposing their trash on water. Pollution is one of the big problems of the Philippines. But even with it’s severity, I doubt that will be solved soon because of the government’s lack of action and concern on the environment.

6 thoughts on “The Scavenger in Garbage Polluted Shore

  1. rayts

    awesome shot. the trash somehow accented the photo, making it colorful. love the way you chose your angle here, pati yung pag-highlight mo sa kurba ng lupa na may mga basura, ganda ng contrast at siyempre yung irony ng scene. galing.


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