Right now I’m not enrolled nor employed so I might as well stroll and around and practice photography as much as I could. Or sleep as much as could or whatever. This dormancy won’t last long so I’m taking advantage of it. Besides life is too short- way too short actually. I might as well do the things I would like to do right now.

UPDATE: We’ll be going to La Union and stay there for about a week, so I might not post updates until Saturday or Sunday next week. I also have installed a new theme for my blog, which I made from scratch. Hope you like it.

12 thoughts on “Self-Portrait

  1. rayts

    you're right. life is way too short. too short to spend in misunderstandings and arguments. love the way this photo was handled. and you managed to include the scratch on the window glass. but then again, i am not so sure anymore. it looks like a splash of water too. the timing was right, someone was just passing behind you…

  2. Ferdz

    Hey! Great self portrait there. This broken mirror took an effect of an old photograph. Great work. Enjoy your vacation as well. Looking forward to your new batch of photos coming

  3. _glenn

    uy…new layout.hehe.buti walang mandurukot sa likod mo ng kinuha mo e2.hehe..akala ko rin effect lang ung basag na mirror..wag ka magalala,magkaka – album din tau..hehe

  4. kriptonit

    realy original texture and tone, life is short you're right and it seems to go faster and faster, taking picture is a way to say stop and feel the moment…


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