Bauang River #2
This is my second photo of Bauang River. It turned out to better that I expected because the lighting and sky that time isn’t very favorable. However, the HDR processing somehow restored some of the details that might have been lost if I had only one exposure.

5 thoughts on “Bauang River #2

  1. rayts

    this awesome. the framing, texture, even the colors are great. i have been trying how to do this HDR thing but i can't get my hands on it. how many exposures did you use to get this image?

  2. redge

    rayts – In capturing multiple exposures, I used my camera's exposure bracketing feature, which is available in some high-end point-and-shoots and almost all DSLRs. This feature/mode produces 3 equally spaced exposures eg. -1, 0, +1 or -2, 0, +2, etc, depending on what you choose. I use the -2, 0, +2, which is the recommended setting. So basically i have 3 exposures: one with the correct exposure, one underexposed(-2), and one overexposed(+2). You can check Wikipedia for information and tutorials for making HDR. It's actually a simple concept however you would need an HDR software like Photomatix, which is the one I use, or Photoshop to combine them. In Photoshop you can find in in File>Automate>Merge to HDR..


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